Available technologies: solid wood, MDF, MFC, HDF with finishings like: natural veneers, HPL, MDF (sprayed, lacquered in high gloss level), varnishing: standard and UV.
Facings you can choose between: Corian/Staron/Himax, natural conglomerates; foams: ordinary, non-inflammable, forms injected under the pressure.

Equipping restaurants, bars, cafes (kitchen bars, reception desks, cafeteria tables, dining tables and others) we are working on the projects entrusted to us by the designers and their projects, carried out on request, as well.

Items of equipment can be performed using a wide range of materials and finishes (laminated, veneered panels , solid wood as Corian or its substitutes).

We offer wide range of upholstery products and services:
– chairs (wooden, upholstery, metal, loom) both of our own and imported output,
– armchairs and sofas (upholstery, with sleeping function, sofas for the so-called build-in development, individual projects, sofas and armchairs for external use),
Frames available in: oak, beech and birch.
Foams: standard, fire retardant, forms injected under the pressure.